Photography is a powerful visual aspect of our brand, helping us craft our narrative and show the world who we are.

Campus Photography Database

Mizzou photography is housed in a digital asset management system called MerlinOne.

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Mizzou Photography Style

Our brand photography puts an emphasis on what makes Mizzou great — the people, campus, hands-on learning and collaboration, and the varied landscape of Missouri.

Photography should incorporate or simulate natural light and sun-drenched settings. Be creative with your angles. Shoot high and low, close-up and wide.

Additional lighting and staging may be required to achieve these shots; however, actual Mizzou students must be used and the situations portrayed should be accurate representations of real life. Setting, clothing and groupings may be manipulated during the photoshoot but not in post-production.


Use natural light (or simulate natural light) to capture authentic personalities and individuals engaged in the moment.

Examples of brand photography style using people.


We’re proud of our beautiful campus and encourage capturing dynamic photography of the Quad, the Columns, Tiger Plaza and more. Try using elevated views, unique framing and close crops of details to add visual interest and excitement.

Examples of brand photography style showing campus beauty and unique spaces.

Hands-on learning & collaboration

We are a campus full of learners, and photography can show that.

Hands-on: Capture contextual clues to indicate what type of hands-on experience is happening. Photograph individuals from low positions. Include close crops of activity and wide-angle shots of the environment.

Collaboration: Be part of the group! Take photos from the perspective of a group member. Include wide shots of the group to emphasize individuals working together. Create situations where individuals are presenting/leading group conversations. Capture multiple angles from high and low perspectives and include detail shots of what is being worked on.

Examples of brand photography style showing hands on learning.


Images of landscapes speak to the varied landscape of Missouri. They can also relate to subject matter or serve as texture when visual interest is needed.

Examples of brand photography style using photos of landscapes in Missouri.


Photo-Editing Guidelines

At Mizzou, we want our photos to be credible and genuine. When editing photos for campus marketing, advertising and promotional materials, please make sure the final product is clear, honest and accurately communicates with our audiences.

We allow the following post-production techniques:

    • Color and tone correction
    • White balance
    • Dodging and burning
    • Cropping

We do not allow the following post-production techniques:

    • Photomanipulation in any form (this includes swapping heads and/or bodies of people pictured as well as removing buildings, signs or markers that would create confusion if the photo was used to reference a specific location.)

Technical touch up for the removal of minor blemishes is acceptable. Digital tools may be used to diminish visual elements, but should not be used to eliminate those elements entirely.


Crediting Photography & Copyright

University photography provided to an outside publication
When providing photography to an outside publication, the University of Missouri should be credited using the following: Photo courtesy of the Curators of the University of Missouri

Approved outside photography used by the university
Once you’ve received permission to use a photo, you may be asked to add a credit. Photo credits should include the photographer’s name and/or organizational affiliation.
Ex: Photo courtesy of Boone County Historical Society

Copyrighted Photography
The photos you see on Google or on a stock website are copyrighted, and you need permission to use them. Do not use photos without first gaining approval from the copyright holder, which may include crediting them in text near the photo.


Photo Releases

University of Missouri photographers and videographers must obtain a signed release form from any person appearing in media to be used by the university in any capacity. No photo, video, audio recording or other multimedia projects may be published, posted online or shared publicly without the express written consent of all participants.

Photography, Video & Audio Release Forms

Online form*
*When using the online form, please provide participants with the name and email address of the person in your unit responsible for receiving the completed release forms.

Printable PDF



Missouri courts recognize tort actions relating to invasion of privacy, including:

    • Publication of private embarrassing facts
    • Appropriation of name or likeness
    • Publicly portraying a person in a false light

In addition, federal statutes govern the release or publication of personal information. Be aware of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

MU communications professionals sharing any information about students or educational records must understand and comply with FERPA. FERPA protects the privacy of the “educational records” of current and former students.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

MU communications professionals sharing any individual health-related information must understand and comply with provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


Commercial and Individual Photographer Policies

Thank you for your interest in filming or taking photographs on the University of Missouri campus in Columbia. To ensure privacy and security and reduce potential disruption of campus activities, the university has outlined the rights and responsibilities of guests planning campus photography, filming and videography.

Commercial Photography Policies