Understanding the Difference

Logo vs. Graphic


Is it a Logo or a Graphic?

University and unit signatures are the only logos that may represent your school/college, office, department, center, institute, lab, program or other unit within the University of Missouri.

Any combination of design elements and text used in marketing materials, apparel, merchandise and promotional items are considered a graphic and are not a logo.


Creating & Using On-Brand Graphics

An on-brand graphic may be designed for special events, but must be accompanied by a university or unit signature.

Are you creating an Anniversary graphic for your unit? Follow the guidelines below and jumpstart your project with our Anniversary graphic elements.

  • Use brand fonts & colors
  • May incorporate other brand elements
  • Must use a university or unit signature on the marketing material, apparel, merchandise and promotional items. They do not need to be in the same imprint area.

A graphic example for "Camp Coe" at the College of Engineering should be paired with a university or unit signature.


Any time the Camp COE graphic is used, a signature must be present. The signature does not need to be in the same imprint area.

Since a brochure is multiple pages, the Camp COE graphic may be on the front cover and the signature on the back cover.

A poster is a single-sided marketing piece. The Camp COE graphic could go at the top of the poster and the signature at the bottom.

Social Media Post
Since the College of Engineering’s social media pages follow Mizzou’s social media guidelines, their post images do not need to include a signature because the social avatar serves as the signature.

Apparel, Merchandise, and Promotional items
A signature is required on all apparel, merchandise and promotional items. In the event only the graphic or signature can fit, the signature takes precedence.


Marketing Example Social Example Promotional Example
Branded graphic example using Camp COE graphic and College of Engineering signature on marketing material. Branded graphic example for social media shows a social page following social media guidelines and a on-brand graphic for the post. Promotional item example of a branded graphic being used with a unit signature on a drawstring bag.