Our brand has several graphic elements that work together to create a unique Mizzou style. These elements can be mixed and matched to create marketing materials tailored to your target audience. For design inspiration and examples, view our Brand Showcase.

Page Tears & Curls

A bold indicator that the world we live in can be messy, not all pieces fit together perfectly — and that’s OK.

Page tears and curls add an organic, hand-done quality to layouts. Use them to isolate type, anchor a design, or frame an image. Page tears with a curl element can be used to reveal text and images.

Graphic example of the page tear curl with a photo of students appearing in the torn away paper with a paper curl at the edge. Below is a gold organic asterisk and block text "Seek. Solve. Show."


The highlight indicates important parts of our messaging. Use to call out certain pieces of information, set apart copy from a similarly colored background, or to add movement to a layout.

Highlights should be MU gold, black, or white.

Examples of using the Mizzou brand highlight. Black highlight with gold text "Mizzou is where people meet possibilities", gold underline with black text "where hands-on experience catpults careers, black rectangular bar with gold block text "missouri.edu" and gold bar with black block text "Learn More".

Plus Pattern

Each plus represents what makes Mizzou great — individuals and ideas coming together in one place to share and grow. The plus background comes in a vector and organic version. Use as an overlay on solid color backgrounds and layered on top of images.

Vector Plus Pattern

Example of the Mizzou brand vector plus pattern. Gold vector plus symbols are laid out in a grid pattern.

Organic Plus Pattern

Example of the Mizzou brand organic plus pattern. Gold organic plus symbols are laid out in a grid pattern.

Inked Texture

The texture signals that we are in the midst of doing work and aren’t quite finished. We still have more accomplishments, more miles and more firsts to add to our rich history. Apply the texture in MU Gold, black or white over solid color backgrounds and photos.

Add depth and interest to solid backgrounds by using this texture in your designs.

Mizzou brand brayer texture pattern shown in gold and in black.

Dry Brush Set

We’re always on the move! Add dimension and movement to your designs by incorporating these textured brushes. Use as footers, overlays, image containers, and as a text highlight. Like a paint stroke on a canvas, these brushes have layers of opacity, with lots of bristle texture.

Twelve different versions of the Mizzou brand paint strokes, shown in gold.


A conceptual representation of multiple points of view coming together and being in the midst of what matters. We have two versions of the asterisk to help meld with your design. One is a clean-cut vector and the other organic. Use only one version per design to call attention to text or as a super graphic. Only use the 1-color variations shown below.

Vector Asterisk

Mizzou brand vector asterisk in gold on a white background, white on a black background, black on a white background and white on a gold background.

Organic Asterisk

Mizzou brand organic asterisk shown in gold on white background, white on black background, black on white background and white on gold background.

Custom ‘O’

The custom ‘O’ has been placed in the vector wordmarks: Mizzou, Show Me, and Seek. Solve. Show. These vectors may be used in your marketing materials and designs.

Mizzou Alt O vector wordmarks in black block letters "MIZZOU, SHOW ME, MISSOURI, SEEK.SOLVE.SHOW"

Campus-Inspired Vectors

Our campus is full of iconic and unique architectural elements connecting our present to our past and current students to alumni.

Use these vectors at varied opacities over images and solid backgrounds to create visual interest.

Mizzou brand campus inspired vectors shows three different hand-drawn ionic columns based on the Mizzou columns.

Additional Graphics

These graphics are additional resources to help you develop on-brand marketing materials quickly and efficiently. These resources include anniversary graphics, hand-drawn elements, and social icons. While these elements are not part of the core Brand Graphics, they do support them.

Anniversary Graphic Elements  |  Download

Anniversary marks are not logos (see logo vs. graphic). When creating an anniversary graphic, make sure a university or unit signature is present on all marketing materials, apparel, promotional items, and merchandise. The marks shown here may be used as-is, as a starting point, or referenced when working with a design team to create your own unique mark.

Mizzou brand graphic elements for building anniversary marks


Hand-Drawn Elements  |  Download

Hand drawn arrows, checkmarks, brackets, pendants, Missouri state outlines on top of a textured gray background.