Mascot & Tiger Marks

Tiger Marks

Show your tiger pride! Campus entities may use the athletic and spirit tiger head marks as graphic elements on marketing and promotional materials. However, the marks may not be used in place of the university or unit signature. The phrase “Tiger Style” (in any typeface) is reserved for exclusive use by Mizzou Athletics.

University of Missouri tiger marks: spirit tiger head and athletic tiger head

Do's and Don'ts

The tiger marks may not be used on:

    • research or academic papers
    • presentations, boards or posters


Approved Color Variations

Full Color

Full color variations of the spirit tiger head and athletic tiger head on different color backgrounds.


When you are unsure if the mark is colored correctly, remember that the whiskers of the Tiger marks should always be the lighter color.

One color spirit tiger head and athletic tiger head marks on different color backgrounds.


Truman the Tiger

Truman the Tiger is our mascot and an important part of Mizzou tradition. Custom Truman the Tiger illustrations are allowed with prior approval from

Download Truman the Tiger Graphics/Photos

Truman the Tiger mascot illustration showing both head and full body versions.

Approved Color Variations

These 1-color variations also apply to the full-body version of Truman the Tiger.

Truman the Tiger head illustrations showing one color variations on different background colors.