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The University of Missouri is home to a community of innovators, doers and leaders. We work together to communicate in one voice, crafting our messages and marketing within the Mizzou brand and identity to ensure everything we do has impact. To do this, we’ve built resources and guidelines to help our community communicate as one, as Mizzou. M-I-Z.

Graphic showing a Mizzou business card setup.

Business Cards

Find guidelines for Mizzou’s stationary policy, including business cards.

Graphic with gold vector images of shirts, pens, hats, thumb drives, cups, and bags on a black background.

Promotional Items

Are you ordering apparel, merchandise or promotional items? These guidelines are for you.

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Guidelines for on-campus photography and photo releases. Find photography for your marketing projects.

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Social Media

Learn more about Mizzou’s guidelines for social media accounts.

MU gold and black above secondary colors

Brand Colors

Find the color builds for MU gold, black, and secondary colors to make sure your designs meet identity guidelines.

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Logos & Marks

Learn more about Mizzou’s signatures, approved color variations, minimum size, and clear space requirements.

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Brand Graphics

Learn more about the visual graphics that support the Mizzou brand messaging.

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Recent Updates

Quickly find all recent updates and new guidelines pertaining to the Mizzou identity and brand.

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Not sure about something? We’re here to help!

Getting Started Toolkits

NextGen Assets

Guidelines and assets for those involved in creating on-brand designs, communication, and digital media for NextGen Precision Health.

NextGen Toolkit