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These approved print vendors should be used for all general printing projects. Please review the offerings of each printing service to find the one that best suits your needs. While there are several vendors approved for general printing services, only one vendor is approved to print University of Missouri stationery, which includes business cards, letterhead and envelopes.

The general print services list is currently closed. If you are interested in becoming an approved general print vendor, please contact

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MU Printing Services Operations Update

As we move into 2024, we want to update you on the status of Printing Services’ transition: 

  • The preferred printing vendor contracts are now in effect as of April 2024.
  • Modern Litho is the only approved vendor for MU stationery items (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc.) Orders for these items can be placed through the Printing Services Storefront.
  • For Campus Mail Services visit:

What this means for campus:

  • Stationery (Business Cards, Letterhead & Envelopes)
    All orders for stationery items should be placed through the Printing Services Storefront. This online platform is run by Modern Litho, the exclusive provider of business cards and stationery for Mizzou.
  • Promotional Items
    If you previously ordered promotional items through Printing Services, you can order through any of our current licensed vendors.
  • Plan Ahead
    Please plan as far ahead as possible when determining print needs, as there may be extended lead times, changes in pricing structures, and processes for sharing information, including sensitive data. 

MU Stationery Orders

Please order your business cards, letterhead, e-letterhead and envelopes using the Printing Services Storefront. This online platform is run by Modern Litho, the exclusive provider of business cards and stationery items for Mizzou.

Approved Print Vendors

American Document Solutions

  • Local option for short run jobs with a quick turnaround
  • Utilizes digital equipment only
  • Does not offer perfect binding, die-cutting, or mailing service

Contact: Kyla Young
(573) 446-7768

Advertisers Printing Company

  • St. Louis based printer
  • Good option for long and short runs
  • Can do direct mail

Contact: Patrick Bloomer
(314) 652-9924

Modern Litho | Printing Services Storefront

  • Larger local printer with facilities in Columbia, Jefferson City, Kansas City, and St. Louis
  • A good option for both short and long run projects
  • Can do direct mail, die-cutting and pocket folders
  • Exclusive provider of Mizzou stationery items (business cards, letterhead, e-letterhead and envelopes)

Contact: Emma Leto
(573) 874-7844


  • Larger St. Louis printer with both offset and digital presses
  • A good overall printer, but priced better on long (press) runs
  • Can do direct mail

Doug Walters (sales)
(314) 336-4885

Katie Logan (CSR)
(314) 373-2477

MCI Printing

  • Medium sized St. Louis printer with offset presses

Contact: Jake Icenhower
(314) 580-2540


  • Digital print shop in St. Louis area
  • Utilizes digital equipment only – outsources offset work

Contact: Bryan Pilkington
(800) 315-1636

Best Practices for Print Orders

Review these best practices for preparing for and placing print orders. If you have questions about best practices for print orders, getting quotes or reviewing quotes, contact Jeff McNeeley at

  • Know the size, scope, and timing of your project
  • Allow extra time for the print vendor to complete your project
    • For small jobs, allow at least 5-7 working days
    • For large jobs, allow 2 to 4 weeks
    • For mailing campaigns, allow 3 to 5 weeks
  • Get pricing from multiple vendors to make sure you are getting a fair price and they can produce your type of project
  • Make sure you give vendors accurate specifications when requesting quotes:
    • Quantity
    • Final size: after trim, folded, or stitched. The size it will be once it is produced.
    • Number of pages to print (i.e. front and back = 2 pages)
    • Ink colors – i.e. Black only, Black + PMS 124, 4-Color Process (CMYK), etc.
    • Ink Bleed – if the image runs to the edge of the sheet, it bleeds
    • Paper aka Stock: Weight and Coating
    • Binding options:
      • Fold
      • Staple
      • Score
      • Saddle Stitch
      • Laminate
      • Other
    • Proofing requirements – hard copy proofs, or just PDF proof?
    • Due Date Requirements –
    • Delivery information – let vendor know if your building has a dock
    • Your contact information so they can contact you with questions

Example of an estimate request:

Dear Vendor,

May I please have pricing for the following:

Visit Tri-Fold Brochure

  • Final Size: 11×8.5 flat (fold in thirds)
  • Bleeds: 4/4
  • Paper/Stock: 80# dull coated text
  • Quantity: 500 / 750 / 1000
  • Requesting a PDF Proof
  • Delivery to 200 Jesse Hall (no dock)
  • Due Date: Will need to be completed by June 23 for an event that evening

Non-Profit Mail Procedures

Utilizing the University’s Non-Profit status to obtain the most efficient postage rate is highly recommended. Please follow these guidelines as we transition to external print providers. 

  • Campus Mail Services has the ability to address and process non-profit mailings. If you choose to use this method, have your external print provider deliver finished print pieces ready to address to Campus Mail at 2800 Maguire for processing. Make sure your piece is mailable before you have it printed. If you have any questions about qualifying for a non-profit mailing contact MU CF Mail Services Bulk Mail  
  • If you choose to have your external print provider print and mail your project, do not have the “University of Missouri” Non-Proft indicia printed on your mail pieces, instead have your external print provider use their non-profit permit. These non-profit permits are tied to an escrow account of money that is directly withdrawn from the post office to cover the postage. If the University non-profit permit is used, money will be withdrawn from this account without knowing what department used the funds. In addition, there will be a very low balance in this account. Without proper funds, the post office will not mail your project causing major confusion and delays. 
  • External print providers will require upfront payment for postage before mailing out your project. Postage is considered a “hard cost” to them, and this upfront payment helps them avoid collection efforts with bad debt customers. 
  • Postage can be paid in the following ways to most print providers: 
    • Physical Check 
    • ACH transfer
    • Specific Escrow account setup for your department with the print provider

These vendors may be used for non-profit mailing: 

Advertisers Printing Company
Patrick Bloomer
(314) 652-9924

MU Campus Mail Services
(573) 882-7801

Modern Litho 
Emma Leto
(573) 874-7844

Doug Walters (sales) 
(314) 336-4885 

Katie Logan (CSR) 
(314) 373-2477