Guidelines for

Social Media

Mizzou tigers are everywhere in social media. We promote special events. We report emergencies. We announce research breakthroughs and sports victories. We share student accomplishments and academic opportunities. We broadcast lectures and ceremonies. We show beautiful photos of the people and places that make Mizzou our favorite university.

Central Mizzou Social Media Accounts

Do you have something to share through Mizzou’s central social media? Let us know. You can also sign up here to work on a social collaboration through Mizzou’s official social media channels.

Social Media Guidelines & Policies

Social Media Guidelines

These guidelines outline the use of social media accounts used as university communication tools.

Branding Social Media Accounts

Whether you are setting up a new account or updating a current account, follow these guidelines to make sure they meet Mizzou’s social media and identity guidelines.

Guidelines for Engagement

Use these guidelines in the about section of your social media pages.

Managing Accounts and Interactions

If you are an account manager or post to accounts for schools/colleges, departments and other campus entities, make sure to read and follow these best practices.

Personal Use of Social Media

These recommendations are here to help Mizzou employees balance their personal use of social media sites.

Mizzou Social Media Directory

This directory keeps you up-to-date on all things Mizzou. To have your social accounts considered for this directory, please fill out the request form. 

Starting a New Social Channel?

Before starting a new channel, make sure to review these guidelines.

Branding Social Media Accounts