Guidelines for

Mizzou Websites

At Mizzou, we strengthen our brand when we communicate responsibly. Part of that responsibility is making sure Mizzou websites contain accurate, accessible information that follows set standards while also following the Mizzou brand.

Anyone who creates, manages, edits and develops content for or otherwise contributes to University of Missouri websites should follow these policies. Websites are subject not only to campus guidelines and MU System rules but also to state and federal laws regarding accessibility, privacy and intellectual property.

All websites are required to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.

Guidelines & Policies

Review these guidelines and policies as well our Website Technology Standards.

Branding & Content Guidelines

All University of Missouri websites should adhere to identity standards and brand guidelines, as well as content guidelines for domain names, headers and footers.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A CMS streamlines the site management process and allows non-technical content providers to modify sites with little technical training.

Acceptable Use Policy

The AUP addresses federal and state laws, university regulations, intellectual-property rights, software-licensing requirements and prohibitions against plagiarism and obscenity.

Security & E-Commerce

MU Web developers should use central Mizzou security resources whenever possible to limit costs and to benefit from support, security, backup and disaster recovery.

Legal & Liability

The University of Missouri System has established guidelines for protecting the legal rights of Mizzou students, faculty and staff as well as members of the public who use MU websites.

Website Development

Reach out to the Digital Service team to create new on-brand websites and update current websites to meet branding guidelines. You may also contact pre-approved web vendors for your next website project.