Managing Accounts and Interactions

If you’re posting to official accounts, or contributing to online conversations, review and follow these policies and guidelines.

Interaction Guidelines

  • We encourage you to use Mizzou-branded social media accounts to share information about your work at Mizzou. However, any advertising, solicitation or overtly favorable acknowledgments or endorsements of political parties, candidates, third-party products and services is not permitted, except with express written permission of the university.
  • Be aware of divisive issues in the general public. Be mindful of how you represent Mizzou around those issues.
  • Provide expertise and positive insight about Mizzou.
  • If leaving a comment, post something meaningful, encouraging, informative or respectful.
  • Before posting, re-read your comment to make sure it can’t be easily seen as negative or inappropriate. If you have any doubt, don’t post it.
  • Respond to questions or inquiries in a timely fashion.
  • If you respond to a disagreement, do so in a professional and respectful manner.
  • Utilize direct messaging to address complaints when possible.

Best Practices

Remember that every time you have an interaction on a Mizzou social media page, you are representing the University of Missouri.

If the item you want to promote exists on a website, link to it. Maintain your website and use social media to drive people to it.

Be Concise
If you’re accustomed to academic writing, understand that communicating through social media is different. Formality is replaced with friendliness. Elaborate arguments are replaced by snappy one-liners. Brevity is the soul of wit.

Be Accessible
Make sure you include alt text and closed captioning. Visit the Accessibility Website for more details.

Participation Protocol

  • Be sure that content is consistent with your professional role and with Mizzou’s standards.
  • What you say officially represents the University. All statements must be true, accurate and not misleading. Never comment on legal matters, litigation or parties with whom Mizzou is in litigation without appropriate approval. Do not comment on other institutions.
  • Respect student privacy. FERPA and HIPAA laws and NCAA guidelines restrict discussion of Mizzou students, prospective students and patients on websites and in social media. NCAA rules prohibit comments about possible recruits on any Mizzou-affiliated social media pages. Before communicating to or about any prospective student-athlete, seek the approval of Mizzou’s athletics compliance office at 573-882-2076.
  • Engage in conversation. Talk to users like you would talk to people face to face in professional situations.
  • Be responsible. Participation in Mizzou social media is an opportunity, not a right. Treat it as seriously and professionally as you would any other aspect of your job.
  • Respect protected material. Follow all policies and guidelines regarding the use of official Mizzou marks.
  • Be mindful of copyrighted and embargoed materials.

Moderation Guidelines

  • If you are not sure how to handle a challenging topic or respond to a negative post, please contact us for guidance.
  • Clearly state in your site’s posting policy that you are unable to pre-approve content. Assure users that the site is regularly monitored and that content violating the posting policy will be removed.
  • Correct misinformation. If a user posts a false accusation or an inaccurate statement, don’t delete it. Instead, respond — in a respectful and friendly manner — with accurate information.
  • If you are ready to close an account, be sure to reach out to the Digital Publications Team for support.