Mascot Marks

Truman the Tiger


Meet Truman

Truman the Tiger is our mascot and a beloved part of Mizzou tradition. In 2021, the Truman the Tiger mark was updated to resemble the Truman fans see at games and around campus.


Approved Color Use

Use these guidelines when using Truman on different color backgrounds.

Full-Color Truman
These full-color examples apply to all Truman variations.

1-Color Truman
These 1-color guidelines apply to all Truman variations. 


Using Truman for Print, Web & Social Media

The Truman graphics may be used in print materials, on websites, digital screens, and social media. Several variations of this graphic have been developed with more coming soon! We will continue to add Truman variations including different poses and props.

  • Truman graphics can not be used in place of a University or unit signature
  • Custom Truman illustrations are allowed with prior approval from

Download Truman Graphics
The graphic files available are only for print web & social media. To order apparel, merchandise and promotional items, please see the directions below.

Download Truman Photos
These files are stored in MerlinOne. If you do not have an account, contact


Ordering Product

Our licensed vendors have been provided versions of the Truman the Tiger graphics that are specific to the production of apparel, merchandise and promotional items. Please be aware the print, web and social media versions will NOT reproduce well on apparel or promotional products. 

Reach out to a licensed vendor to order apparel, merchandise and promotional items using Truman the Tiger. 

Find a Licensed Vendor



Do you have an idea for a Truman the Tiger graphic?

We’d love to hear it! Submit your idea for a Truman the Tiger pose. 

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