Brand Fonts

Typography is a powerful part of the Mizzou brand. It enhances our visual messaging and makes an impact on every print and digital communication we put out. If you have any questions about the use of typography in your design, contact identity@missouri.edu.


Primary Sans-Serif

Bold san serif font "Graphik"

Graphik Condensed Black is a modern sans-serif that evokes a solid foundation and a confident attitude.

Suggested Uses

    • Headlines
    • Statements
    • Mastheads
    • Billboards
    • Callouts


    • Body copy
    • Text in tables


Primary Serif

Serif font "Clarendon"

Clarendon is a classic slab serif that emits feelings of heritage and expertise. Its multiple weights make it usable across many applications and platforms.

Suggested Uses

    • Headlines
    • Subheads
    • Short body copy
    • Pull-quotes
    • Callouts
    • Text near or on top of Graphik


    • Long body copy


Secondary Sans-Serif

San serif font "Gotham"

Gotham is our secondary sans-serif font, and a workhorse in text-heavy marketing.

Suggested Uses

    • Body copy
    • Text below or near the university and unit signatures, e.g., addresses and websites


    • Near text set in Graphik, separate with text set in Clarendon


Website Fonts

Approved fonts for University of Missouri websites are:

  • Graphik Condensed Black
  • Clarendon URW
  • Open Sans

Please reach out to identity@missouri.edu to request web fonts.


Can I still use Janson?

Janson is reserved for University signatures and stationery items. It should no longer be used in any other capacity.


Request Brand Fonts

We have a limited quantity of font licenses for Graphik Condensed Black and Clarendon URW which are available to qualifying University employees for free. University-employed graphic designers, marketing professionals and administrators who create branded marketing materials are eligible.

Students, approved freelance designers, licensed vendors and faculty/staff who do not qualify or need extra licenses are responsible for purchasing them individually.

Request Fonts