Accessible Text & Color

The guide below contains alternative color choices you can use to ensure accessibility while following Mizzou brand standards.

The use of MU gold #F1B82D and other gold variations on white backgrounds and as white text on gold backgrounds presents an accessibility concern specified in Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) 2.0 1.4.3 Contrast Minimum AA.

  • DON’T use MU gold #F1B82D (or variations of gold) text on a white background. It doesn’t pass color contrast for accessibility.
  • DON’T use the inverse, white text on a MU gold background as it doesn’t pass color contrast for accessibility.

Accent Colors

  • Red #900000
  • Orange #BD4D1F

How to add more Gold to your designs

  • Use gold for: rules, borders, backgrounds with black text, and as text on black backgrounds.

MU gold variations

  • #FFF4D6
  • #FEE8B6
  • #FBD986
  • #F1B82D (this is MU gold)
  • #D79900
  • #AF7C00

Only #AF7C00 passes the color contrast test on text that is 14 point and bold, or larger than 18 point. This particular color looks brown or coppery and isn’t very appealing as text. It’s best for borders and shadows on other gold objects. Do not use it for text. It’s best to stick with dark grays or an accent variation that does pass.