Terminology 101

Familiarize yourself with these common terms associated with our apparel, merchandise and promotional guidelines and ordering process.

Licensed Vendors

Licensed vendors are legally able to reproduce University marks and verbiage on apparel, merchandise and promotional items. All orders placed by University entities and students should be placed with a licensed vendor to maintain identity and brand standards.

University and Unit Signatures

University and unit signatures are Mizzou’s primary logos and should be included on all departmental merchandise and promotional items.

Merch Marks

A merchandise (merch) mark is a simplified version of an official signature for use on internal and promotional goods that have restrictive imprint requirements. Several setups have been developed to fit a variety of needs.

  • Merch marks are used only when a standard unit signature cannot be reproduced effectively due to size, application or production restrictions.
  • Merch marks are not available to campus units. Your licensed vendors will reach out to identity@missouri.edu when they believe a unit signature will not work in the imprint area due to size or application restrictions.
    • Licensed vendors and campus units may not alter unit signatures
    • Merch marks are created and provided to licensed vendors by identity@missouri.edu

Imprint Area

An imprint area is where a graphic or logo will be applied to your apparel, merchandise or promotional items.

Preferred Logo Placement
The preferred imprint area on apparel for the university or unit signature is left chest, sleeve or top of the back yoke. 

Graphic example showing the preferred placement of a signature on t-shirts

Separate & Apart

Separate and Apart refers to the practice of keeping protected marks away from conflicting graphics, marks and/or names to preserve MU’s trademarks and uphold a clear visual identity system.

To meet this rule, your item must either:

  • Have two different imprint locations or allow for enough clear space to protect university marks.
  • Items with only one imprint area (e.g., keychains, pens, etc.) must include a university or unit signature (or merch mark), but cannot include both a unit/university signature and a graphic.

Clear Space for Single Imprint Areas
Clear space refers to the area between a graphic and a university signature or mark. They should visually appear separate from one another.

Graphic example showing separate and apart guidelines for a single imprint area on the front or back of a t-shirt.
Graphic example showing separate and apart guidelines for single imprint areas of products such as books, bags, awards and water bottles.