Crafting Our Story

In the Midst of What Matters


Who We Are

Mizzou is where hands-on experience catapults careers, and the opportunity to collaborate leads to something greater. This is where you’ll find passionate, dedicated leaders joining together to tackle the world’s most pressing problems.

As the foundation of the University of Missouri brand, this mindset becomes the starting point for every story we tell.

What is a Brand Narrative?

This is the core of the University of Missouri story. This narrative guides our voice, supports core messages and supplies us with words and phrases we can use to build communications that reach and inspire audiences:

Brand Narrative

We're in the midst of what matters

From the middle of a state that’s in the middle of the country, you’ll find us fueling the furthest reaches of what’s possible.

We’re perfectly at home in a state that’s pronounced two ways, among small towns and thriving cities. This is where opposite ideas attract incredible opportunity… where grand challenges are solved around columns of strength… where rigorous study meets the real world.

Mizzou thrives in the spaces among what’s already established. Because that’s where you’ll find what’s never existed before.

Drone photo of Jesse Hall

Key Messaging Pillars

When thinking about our audience, always ask, “why should they believe us?” The proof is in the messaging pillars. These four statements get to the heart of what Mizzou is about and what makes us special. They guide and bolster everything we do.

Combination of Strengths
Opportunities to support growth and development of faculty and students.

Culture of Collaboration
Campus climate fosters discussion and discovery, reflecting mission and values.

Connected, Engaged and Impact-Driven
Active presence locally and globally to deeply understand situations and needs.

Commitment to a Brighter Future
Unwavering focus on land-grant and AAU missions and dedication to the success of every student.