Brand Messaging

Crafting Authentic Stories

Who We Are

We all have a personality, and we present ourselves differently depending on who we are talking to. Mizzou is no different. At Mizzou you’ll find groundbreaking innovators, championing leaders and unflinching investigators. This is who we are. This is what we do at Mizzou every day.

Through the use of our personality archetypes, brand narrative and key messaging storylines, we’re able to craft stories with impact, meaning and authenticity.

Our Personality Archetypes

Mizzou’s personalities — also known as archetypes — are used to communicate authentically with our audiences. These personalities support Mizzou’s core stories and supply a common framework from which we can build consistent and effective messaging and communication strategies.

GROUNDBREAKING INNOVATOR | Visionary, Forward-thinking, Intelligent

Brilliant and forward-thinking, driven by inventing the future through innovation. Delivers advancement, ingenuity and radical outcomes. Values newness, experimentation and progress. Causes people to feel awe and amazement.

CHAMPIONING LEADER | Classic, Accomplished, Prominent

Powerful and assertive, driven by growth and being a frontrunner. Delivers stability, pride and strength. Values power, influence and accomplishment. Causes people to feel confident and in control.

UNFLINCHING INVESTIGATOR | Experiential, Exploratory, Inquisitive

Adventurous and inquisitive, driven by the quest for discovering the unknown.
Delivers progress and an unmatched interest for uncovering truth. Values investigation, curiosity and trailblazing. Causes people to feel intrigued and emboldened.

Brand Narrative

At the University of Missouri, we are blazing new trails for more than just ourselves. Our commitment to research that has power and purpose is at the heart of everything we do. Spearheading the foremost initiatives in every field, from journalism to engineering and entrepreneurship to medicine, we achieve for the benefit of all.

Our legacy is one of vision and excellence. Founded in 1839 as the first public university west of the Mississippi, we have a rich history of breaking new ground and shaping the future. From our humble beginnings conducting research in the cornfields of Columbia, Missouri, to creating cancer drugs for the world, our commitment to innovation and curiosity has never wavered.

We are a place where dreams become reality, where challenges are met with courage and determination, and where experiential learning and creativity flourish. A place where our values — respect, responsibility, discovery and excellence — are lived out every day.

At Mizzou, we are not just a university but a community of innovators, doers and leaders. A community that believes that the power of collaboration and curiosity can transform lives in Missouri and around the globe.


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Key Messaging Storylines

Start here. These three messaging storylines support who we are at Mizzou and lay the foundation for strong, strategic messaging that unites our voice. Each storyline is a personality-specific messaging pillar with supporting dimensions. The dimensions offer relevant connections to help you craft branded messaging.

Groundbreaking Innovator
We create meaningful change in Missouri and across the world.
At the University of Missouri, we infuse innovation into all arenas, from agriculture to textile and apparel management to engineering. It’s what ignites passion in our students, faculty and staff and encourages them to take on problems that others might avoid. So, each of our pursuits has a bigger purpose. We believe that this level of vision is nothing short of necessary because that’s how we improve lives and communities both in Missouri and across the world.

We don’t just talk about big ideas — we make them a reality by inspiring creativity, investing in hands-on learning, and collaborating across divisions.

We look beyond the moment and toward the horizon because focusing on the future gives us the creative audacity to build new and necessary initiatives.

We cultivate knowledge that is ingenious, common-sense and beneficial to humanity and commit to sharing it with our student community and the wider world.

We pursue meaningful progress not just for its own sake but for that of our academic and global communities.

We develop new educational methods and technologies so our students can become professionals who transform lives locally and globally.


Championing Leader
Our history of success inspires excellence and collaboration.
At the University of Missouri, our passionate legacy is part of who we are, and we have the history, traditions and alumni to prove it. Beyond that, we lead through a wholehearted focus on our community. We do this by providing students and faculty with exemplary academic programs, unparalleled research opportunities, and robust campus traditions. And the results — from our status as an AAU and Research 1 institution to our 357,000 alumni worldwide to our innovative partnerships — speak volumes. They show the world how thoroughly we understand that true leadership doesn’t just mean setting the standard. It means inspiring every member of our community to be at their best in their fields and in their lives.

By embracing our history and traditions, we maintain a reputation for excellence and meet the highest standards for academics and student experience every day.

Our past success, present growth and future vision make us a go-to for high-achieving students and faculty who want to accomplish their greatest aspirations.

We choose to take steps that position us as leaders both in Missouri and across the globe.

We consistently provide our students and faculty with a reliable foundation for growth and excellence.

We lead by breaking down silos, working across colleges and bringing people together, making us a source of strength and guidance for our community.


Unflinching Investigator
Our passion for discovery powers a culture of truth-seeking.
At the University of Missouri, we know that exploration expands everyone’s perspectives. So, we don’t let anything stagnate our energetic curiosity, and you’ll see evidence of that across our programs, from the School of Journalism to Mizzou Engineering to research opportunities within the College of Arts and Science. To us, there is no substitute for learning through experience because that’s how we create the space to pursue truth, free expression, and world-changing ideas.

We’re persistent in providing students with hands-on learning opportunities that prioritize collaboration and offer new, transformative perspectives on the world.

By constantly giving students ways to delve into their curiosities, we provide an education that is rooted in continuous growth.

By fearlessly asking the questions that others would prefer to avoid and by seeking more effective research methods, we explore ideas in a deep and unprecedented way.

We encourage others to constantly question what’s known because doing so allows us to acknowledge the world’s boundless possibilities.

We embrace the research process and seek truth in every situation to unlock solutions to real-world problems and ultimately improve people’s lives.