Brand Guidelines for

Club Sports

About Club Sports

Club Sports are student-led organizations who represent Mizzou during competition against other collegiate club teams from around the region and nation. Club Sports seek to develop student leadership, promote student participation in various physical and athletic activities, encourage healthy lifestyles and create a community atmosphere between clubs. 

These guidelines will help Club Sports represent Mizzou both in and outside of competition.

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Apparel, Merchandise & Promotional Items

Club Sports Logos

The logos of the University of Missouri are registered trademarks and are managed by Licensing & Brand Management. These are the logos Mizzou Club Sports may use. They may not be recreated, stretched, distorted or recolored. The Club Sports logo also has pre-made versions which include the name of each official Club Sport.

Graphic of the approved Mizzou Club Sports logos in full color.

One Color Example

Graphic of the approved Mizzou Club Sports logos in one color.

Download your Club Sport logo
Requires login to SharePoint using your University email address.

Marketing & Templates

Whether you are looking for recruits, promoting an upcoming event or fundraising, your marketing materials should positively represent Mizzou. 

Branded templates are a starting point and can be adjusted to meet your needs, while maintaining the Mizzou brand and identity. Use these templates to create quick and professional marketing materials to promote your Club Sport.

  • Download Club Sports templates
    Requires login to SharePoint using your University email address.

  • Using Fonts
    These alternate brand fonts are available on both Windows and Apple computers. Use them when working with the flyer templates.

    • Impact
      • Suggest Uses: Headlines, Call to Action
      • Avoid: Body copy
    • Century Schoolbook
      • Suggest Uses: Quotes, locations, supporting headers
      • Avoid: Long body copy
    • Avenir Next LT Pro
      • Suggest Uses: Websites, phone numbers, email addresses
      • Avoid: Using near the font Impact

Social Media

Step 1: Work Out The Logistics

Whether developing a new social media presence for your Club Sport or maintaining one, make sure you have a plan. 

Ask yourself:

  • What will you post?
  • How often will you post?
  • Who will maintain and update the site?
  • Who will answer questions posed by followers?

Think about the big picture. If your Facebook page’s goal is to communicate event times and locations, fundraising opportunities, photos and news from previous events – outline when and how those posts need to be up for your users to interact with them. 

Every Club Sport with social media must provide login information for all of your Club Sports accounts to Club Sports Administrator at MizzouRec.

Step 2: Page Name & Avatars

Your social media pages should be named consistently as ‘Mizzou Club ‘Sport name’. For example: Mizzou Club Golf.

Avatars are a quick and easy way for people to identify you as an official account. While not required, we recommend using an official Mizzou Club Sports avatar available from When not using the official avatar, a sport-specific photo may be used. Custom graphics should not be used as an avatar, because graphics may not officially represent a club sport.

Examples of official avatars:

Three circular graphics with the spirit tiger head and text Mizzou Club Sports for Golf, Baseball and Running

Step 3: Choosing Imagery And Content

  • Every time you interact with a Mizzou social media page, you are representing the University of Missouri. Choose photos and content that are engaging, professional and appropriate. Use the Club Sports social media templates when creating graphics.
  • Copyright laws are applicable online and in social media. Anyone who uses MU intellectual property without obtaining proper permission might be in violation of copyright law.

Step 4: Use Mizzou’s Social Media Interaction Guidelines

  • Provide expertise and positive insight about the University.
  • If leaving a comment, post something meaningful, encouraging, informative or respectful. 
  • Before posting, re-read your comment to make sure it can’t be easily seen as negative or inappropriate. If you have any doubt, don’t post it.
  • Respond to questions or inquiries in a timely fashion.
  • If you respond to a disagreement, do so in a professional and respectful manner

Participation Protocol: 

  • Be sure that content is consistent with your professional role and with the University’s standards.
  • Keep in mind that what you say officially represents the University. All statements must be true, accurate and not misleading. Never comment on any legal matters, litigation or parties with whom the University is in litigation without appropriate approval. Do not comment on other institutions.
  • Respect student privacy. FERPA and HIPAA laws and NCAA guidelines restrict discussion of Mizzou students, prospective students and patients on websites and in social media. NCAA rules prohibit comments about possible recruits on any University-affiliated social media pages. Before communicating to or about any prospective student-athlete, seek the approval of Mizzou’s athletics compliance office at 573-882-2076. 
  • Engage in conversation. Talk to users like you would talk to people face to face in professional situations.
  • Provide quality content in a timely manner. 
  • Be responsible. Participation in Mizzou social media is an opportunity, not a right. Treat it as seriously and professionally as you would any other aspect of your job. If you make a mistake, admit it. 
  • Respect protected material. Follow all policies and guidelines regarding the use of official Mizzou marks.

Moderation Guidelines:

  • In most social media, the University is unable to pre-approve public posts to its pages or sites. The following steps should be taken to ensure the best experience for users.
  • Clearly state in your site’s posting policy that you are unable to pre-approve content. Assure users that the site is regularly monitored (and actually monitor the site) and that content violating the posting policy will be removed.
  • Correct misinformation. If a user posts a false accusation or an inaccurate statement, don’t delete it. Instead, respond — in a respectful and friendly manner — with the accurate information.
  • If you are not sure how to respond to a negative post, please contact the Club Sports Administrator at MizzouRec.