Guidelines and Templates for

Research Study Recruitment Materials

Refer to these guidelines and templates to help in developing effective flyer and social media promotions for research study recruitment. Each section below covers the design and copy elements that work together to uphold the Mizzou brand and present your study in a clear and professional manner.

All marketing efforts for research studies must be reviewed by MU IRB prior to use. If any revisions are made after approval, they must be resubmitted to MU IRB.

Please submit a PDF or JPG image of the file for approval. If you have questions about content, contact MU IRB For commonly asked questions visit:

If you have questions about using a template or branding, please reach out to

Content Guidelines


  • Create a short headline that states the aim of your study concisely, using audience-friendly language. You want to grab your audience’s attention.
  • Do not include mentions of compensation.


  • Follow up your headline with a short sentence about participation. For example: If you are 18 or older and have been diagnosed with XYZ, you may be eligible to participate in a research study.

Statement of Purpose

  • Write a brief description of your study’s purpose. Avoid scientific jargon and keep your audience in mind with simple, easy to understand language.


  • Include a bulleted list of key eligibility requirement for the study. Only use a period if your bullet point is two sentences.

Participation Commitments / Participation Involves

  • What is expected of your participants? Include duration of study. Keep details short, for example: In-person appointments once a week for 3 months.


  • If participants will be compensated, state that “Participants will be compensated” or “Participants will receive $[add dollar amount] for participation in this study”.
  • Do not emphasize this information (no bolding, increasing font size, italicizing, or underlining).


  • Include location where study will take place, including facility name and address


  • Include information for contacting you to participate or if they have questions about eligibility.
  • Do not use personal contact information. Use university email address, phone number and website.

Principal Investigator

  • Include the name, credentials, and department name.

Flyer Templates

These 8.5 x 11 flyer templates are fully editable in PowerPoint. The download links are open to anyone with a or email address.

NOTE: The download link will open in the browser version of PowerPoint in read-only mode. Go to File > Save As > Download a Copy. This will download an editable version to your device.

Research flyer template with gold header box and two columns for text.

Flyer Template 1


Research flyer template with gold header box and one column for text, no photo.

Flyer Template 2


Research flyer template with black bar, gold header box, and right-column photo.

Flyer Template 3


Research flyer template with a black bar, photo and gold boxes.

Flyer Template 4