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What is MizzouForward?

MizzouForward is the boldest investment in our history and aims to elevate and promote the University of Missouri as one of the best research universities in the nation.

This transformational effort will take place over 10 years and includes investments in developing and rewarding our high-performing faculty and staff, recruiting faculty with exceptional research backgrounds, new and renovated spaces and instrumentation for research and more.  

Our three areas of focus include: faculty excellence, infrastructure growth and student success.


Key Messaging

Our efforts and investment to increase faculty excellence will provide additional support and collaboration for faculty across the university with:  

  • Competitive salaries and startup funds. 
  • Performance salary increases for faculty and staff. 
  • New faculty success programs to encourage retention, boost honors and awards and offer additional professional development opportunities. 
  • Support for proposal development, including pre-award and post-award services. 
  • New and enhanced postdoctoral programs for improved faculty pipelines. 

Faculty and staff recruitment in key areas will provide additional support as we seek to address grand challenges. 


As we seek to improve the experience for faculty, staff and students and forward our research efforts, building a more robust research enterprise is important. Our infrastructure efforts will include investments in: 

  • Core facility upgrades, high-performance computing and clinical research support. 
  • Research development and collaboration programs. 
  • New buildings and upgraded facilities and instruments. 
  • Strategic industry partnerships, which includes strengthening existing relationships and developing new ones. 

The NextGen Precision Health Building is an important investment in interdisciplinary work in the precision health space and collaborative efforts that will help address grand challenges for those in Missouri and beyond.  


The university is making significant investments to improve undergrad completion rates; placement of undergrad and grad students; student researchers supported by R&D projects and more. Investments include: 

  • Classroom and lab upgrades as well as new software that enhances classroom experiences and student learning. 
  • More advising staff support for student development and success. 
  • Increased support for the Honors College and undergraduate research. 
  • An emphasis on the Missouri Scholars Academy, a program that brings talented high school juniors from across Missouri to MU for a learning experience. 



  • Improve and save lives through NextGen Precision Health  
  • Harness the frontiers of science and engineering for a sustainable world 
  • Promote a civil and equitable society through ideas, policies and culture 



MizzouForward is a transformative, $1.5 billion long-term investment strategy in the continued research excellence of the University of Missouri. Over 10 years, MizzouForward will use existing and new resources to recruit up to 150 new tenure and tenure-track faculty to address some of society’s greatest challenges. Investments also will enhance staff to support the research mission, build and upgrade research facilities and instruments, augment support for student academic success, and retain faculty and staff through additional salary support. 


Using the MizzouForward Mark

The MizzouForward mark may only be used in connection with projects related to faculty excellence, infrastructure growth and student success investments. To request use of the MizzouForward mark, please email

Once you have approval, the MizzouForward mark must be used in conjunction with the primary University signature on all presentations, marketing materials, apparel, and promotional items.  

Color Variations  
Only the color combinations shown below may be used. Use the full color mark unless constrained by budget or production limitations.

Full Color | Recommended for print & digital media

2-Color | Recommended for print, digital media & apparel/promo

1-Color | Recommended for apparel & promotional items


Clear Space 
This is the area around the mark that must remain clear of design elements, text, illustrations, page trims and fold lines. The space is equal to the ‘O’ in Mizzou around the entire mark.

Minimum Size 
As the MizzouForward mark gets smaller, the legibility decreases and there is an increase in printing and production errors. To ensure it is always readable, stay above the minimum sizes on marketing materials, websites, social media and when used on apparel, merchandise and promotional materials.

For best results, stay above 1” or 108px. The smallest the mark may be printed is .75” or 54px.

Mark Don’ts 
Do not alter the mark in any way, including rotating, changing the font, recoloring, size of element, removing elements, or text effects (drop shadows).


Required Signature

The MizzouForward mark may only be used when the primary University signature is present on the presentation, marketing material, apparel, and promotional items. All guidelines for both the MizzouForward mark and University signature must be followed.


Marketing Examples

Review the following examples for placement and use. If you have questions, email