Brand Wagon Champions

Congratulations, Steve, Emily and Cathy!

Congratulations to Steve Adams, Emily Kebert and Cathy Rose who are our Brand Wagon Champions! This incredible team embodies the Mizzou spirit of collaboration and innovation, consistently producing materials that go above and beyond in representing Mizzou.

Their work not only upholds Mizzou’s brand standards but pushes it to achieve more, inspiring others across campus. From eye-catching social media posts and reels to unique apparel and promotional items, Steve, Emily, and Cathy demonstrate the power of teamwork. Their dedication and creativity serve as an example of how a united team can make a lasting impact on the Mizzou community.

Social and Video

Instagram Reels

MOJOE Career Fair

Early-Level Field Fair

Happy Holidays

Finals Fuel & Paws for Stress Relief

Child Development Lab

Adventure Club


Recruitment 2023

Child Development Lab

Let's Celebrate

We’re excited to celebrate our Brand Wagon award winners! Use this message board to share your congratulations, kudos, thanks, and supportive messages all week long. Please join us in recognizing and celebrating their work and dedication to Mizzou!

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