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Domain Names

Like brick-and-mortar buildings, websites have addresses. Called IP addresses, they consist of long strings of numbers. To make IP addresses easier to remember, the Domain Name System was devised, generating user-friendly mechanisms to get people where they want to go on the Web more easily. Instead of learning "," for example, a user needs only to remember ""

The University of Missouri's domain name,, also serves as the university's homepage. Other MU sites incorporate specific unit names, such as (a subdomain) for Undergraduate Admissions.

Domain names should be intuitive and reflective of an academic or administrative unit's affiliation with MU. It is strongly recommended that all units adopt a virtual domain name that is brief and marketable.

  • Not preferred:
  • Preferred:

Domain name and IP services

MU's Division of Information Technology manages the domain name service (DNS) and Internet protocol (IP) addresses for the MU campus.

  • DoIT can help an MU unit obtain a new domain name within Contact DoIT at 573-882-5000.
MU divisions, departments, units or organizations desiring domain names other than must gain approval from the MU Marketing Committee. Contact University Affairs at 573-882-4523.

Other services available