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Content & Presentation

University of Missouri communications professionals are responsible for making sure Mizzou websites contain accurate information and are easily identifiable as part of the Mizzou identity.

We want our websites to be readable and easily navigable. We want to them to be accessible to people with disabilities. We want them to show off the best of Mizzou to anyone who visits us online anywhere in the world.

If you create, manage, edit, develop content for or otherwise contribute to an official University of Missouri website, these policies are for you.

Every official and publicly viewable Mizzou site should comply with these content and presentation standards.

Use an intuitive URL

Domain names should be intuitive and reflective of an academic or administrative unit's affiliation with MU. It is strongly recommended that all units adopt a virtual domain name that is brief and marketable.

  • Not preferred:
  • Preferred:
  • MU divisions, departments, units or organizations desiring domain names other than must gain approval from the MU Marketing Committee. Contact University Affairs at 573-882-4523.

Follow a consistent style

  • MU Web writing style should follow The Associated Press Stylebook and exceptions as published in the MU Editorial Guide and discipline-specific style guides.
  • All official MU websites should use consistent internal site navigation and include a link to the site's home page on every page of the site.
  • Generic email addresses should be used in website contact information, with more than one person monitoring the inbox. Departments should develop standards for responding to website email.
  • All MU websites must meet the standard MU Web criteria before launch.

Review and update content regularly

  • Review contact and deadline information every semester.
  • Check all site links at least quarterly; monthly is recommended.
  • Remove outdated pages from server.

Include these items on every page of an official MU website

  • A title. The title appears in the upper-left corner of Web browsers and is used for personal bookmarks.
  • The stacked MU logo. The stacked MU logo must always link back to the main MU homepage at
  • A proper MU signature or unit signature, including the MU logo, the name of the unit or organization and the words “University of Missouri.” 
  • Academic or administrative unit and department or division identity and links to relevant websites.
  • Compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.
  • Contact information or a link to unit phone number, email address and physical address.
  • Images that are optimized for efficient downloading.
  • Copyright and statement of non-discrimination at the bottom of each page.