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MU Web developers are expected to make sites that are easy to read, intuitively navigable, accessible, aesthetically pleasing, compliant with university policies and reflective of the university’s values. Learn and adopt our best practices by reviewing our content guidelines.

Domain Names

Like brick-and-mortar buildings, websites have addresses. Called IP addresses, they consist of long strings of numbers. To make IP addresses easier to remember, the Domain Name System was devised, generating user-friendly mechanisms to get people where they want to go on the Web more easily. Instead of learning “,” for example, a user needs only to remember “”

The University of Missouri’s domain name,, also serves as the university’s homepage.

All MU administrative units, academic units, programs, centers, and labs are required to use a subdomain name. When selecting a subdomain, choose a name that is intuitive, brief, marketable, and reflective of the unit’s affiliation with Mizzou.


Domain names affiliated with websites that are not on University of Missouri servers are not allowed to include university trademarked verbiage such as Mizzou, Missouri, MU, etc. in the domain name.

To request a subdomain/domain name, contact Licensing & Brand Management by emailing

After a subdomain/domain name has been vetted by Licensing & Brand Management, you will be instructed to contact MU’s Division of Information Technology (DoIT) who manages the domain name service (DNS) and Internet protocol (IP) addresses for the MU campus.

  • Contact DoIT at 573-882-5000
  • DoIT will work with an MU unit to obtain the approved subdomain name within the domain.


  • Include the stacked MU logo. Always link it back to the MU homepage at
  • Use your MU signature or unit signature, including the MU logo, the name of the unit or organization and the words “University of Missouri.”
  • Include academic or administrative unit and department or division identity and links to relevant websites.


The footer at the bottom of each page of every University of Missouri website must contain contact information, copyright and nondiscrimination information, with links to further details.

Copyright and statement of non-discrimination

© [YEAR] — Curators of the University of Missouri. All rights reserved. DMCA and other copyright information. An equal opportunity/access/affirmative action/pro-disabled and veteran employer.

If your webpages have a “.php” file extension ( you can use the following code to automate the year:

<?php echo date('Y'); ?>

This allows the date to update automatically every year.

The footer links are:

Contact information
Before the legal content, the footer should contain contact information detailing:

  • The unit responsible for ownership of the site. If applicable, that text should link to a different website representing the unit.
  • A physical address
  • An email address
  • A phone number



Writing style

Follow The Associated Press Stylebook and exceptions as published in the Editorial style guide [ LINK ]

Best practices

  • Optimize images for web
  • Review contact and deadline information every semester
  • Check site links monthly
  • Remove outdated pages from server