Primary Typefaces

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MU uses two typefaces, Graphik and Clarendon, that are stylistically different, but work well together to deliver our messages effectively.

Graphik is used in headlines and mastheads. It is a modern, slab sans serif that is meant to show a solid foundation and confident attitude.

Graphik Condensed Black Type Face

Clarendon is a classic slab serif that emits a feeling of heritage and expertise. Its multiple weights make it very usable across multiple applications and platforms.

Clarendon URW Type Face

Secondary Typeface for Print
Gotham continues to be used as a secondary san-serif font for body copy.

What happened to Janson?
Janson remains the font for all MU logos, unit signatures, and stationary items.

Do’s and Don’ts

USE Graphik for:

  • Statements
  • Headlines
  • Mastheads
  • Billboards

DON’T USE Graphik for:

  • Body copy
  • Text in table format

USE Clarendon for:

  • Opening and/or short paragraphs
  • Supporting headlines and copy
  • Callouts
  • Text near or overtop Graphic Condensed Black

DON’T USE Clarendon for:

  • Body copy exceeding 100 words
  • Body copy that extends multiple pages

USE Gotham for:

  • Body copy over 100 words
  • Text in table format
  • Text accompanying a unit or university signature, e.g., addresses

DON’T USE Gotham with:

  • Graphik Condensed Black

Web Typefaces

Graphik Condensed Black

  • Banners

Clarendon URW

  • Banner copy
  • Body copy headlines
  • Pull quotes/text

Open Sans

  • Body copy
  • Navigation

Font Request Form