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Official Mizzou social media

Friend us. Follow us. Tweet at us. Ping us. Check in.

The University of Missouri operates multiple central Mizzou social media accounts, which are maintained by the Department of Web Communications. We also maintain the Mizzou Social Media site, which includes a live stream and a directory of Mizzou social media accounts.

Central sites:

We promote special events. We report emergencies. We announce research breakthroughs and sports victories. We share student accomplishments and academic opportunities. We broadcast lectures and ceremonies. We show beautiful photos of the people and places that make Mizzou our favorite university.

Many schools, colleges, departments, organizations, centers, publications and other entities at Mizzou also have established social media accounts. Many Mizzou enthusiasts have set up unofficial fan sites. Ours are the only central official social media sites sanctioned by University Affairs and representing Mizzou as a whole. Submit updates to us.

The social media team in Web Communications posts links and announcements to the central MU Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages once or twice a day. We also regularly update our MizzouTube account.

The Mizzou Twitter account exceeded 40,000 followers in spring 2014. Since it was established in June 2009, the Mizzou Facebook page has ranked among the top 10 university Facebook pages in the country, garnering more than 255,000 followers by 2014. And it's still growing. Features include:

We can help you publicize Mizzou news and events. Want to get involved? Join us.


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