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Banners & Signage

One of the greatest assets of the University of Missouri is the beauty of our campus. In our building design, decor, landscaping and groundskeeping, we work to keep Mizzou looking its best.

Guidelines for campus signs and banners are intended to help ensure that we promote consistency and quality of appearance throughout Mizzou.

The university has established guidelines for the design and installation of banners on campus. All banners must be approved by Campus Facilities before installation.

Banner Guidelines

  • Before displaying a banner, the requesting MU unit must complete the project-request process with the office of Planning, Design and Construction.
  • Submit a completed Project Request Form, including the banner design, to Campus Facilities.
  • Banners must comply with all aspects of the banner templates.
  • Campus Facilities will submit the request to the Capital Review Committee for approval.
  • If the request includes mounting the banner on city light standards, Campus Facilities will request approval from the City of Columbia.
  • Request must include installation and removal dates. The maximum time banners can remain in place is one year.
  • All banners must be installed by Campus Facilities.

Use of The Columns for Banners and Signage

The traditional symbol of the University of Missouri is the row of six Ionic columns. The Columns once supported the portico of Academic Hall, the first building erected on campus. On Jan. 9, 1892, a fire destroyed Academic Hall, and the Columns were all that remained.  In August 1893, the Board of Curators voted to remove the Columns, considering them not only unsafe, but unsightly. However, supporters of the Columns rallied to their defense, and after inspection showed the foundations were safe, the curators voted to retain them in December 1893. Now the Columns stand as a beloved part of MU’s campus.

As an enduring memorial to Mizzou’s founding values, the Columns may not be used to display banners or signage. The following are exceptions to this policy:

  • On major U.S. holidays and commemorations (including Independence Day, September 11 and Veterans Day), the Columns may be used to display an American Flag, hung in a vertical configuration.
  • Banners may be displayed on the Columns during major institutional anniversaries.
  • For significant university occasions (e.g. Tiger Walk) taking place on Francis Quadrangle, banners are limited to those that highlight the brand and the university’s four core values:  Respect, Responsibility, Discovery and Excellence.
  • Very rarely, at the discretion of the Chancellor, banners may be used on the Columns to recognize an issue that is of great importance to the entire university community.

Questions about this policy may be directed to the Office of Marketing and Communications at 573-882-4523.