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Photo Use

The Division of Marketing & Communications maintains a library of stock photos for use by MU departments. All requests for stock photos should be submitted to Mizzou Creative photography services.

Internal Requests

Need a photo right away? Browse our image library.

Can't find what you need? Schedule a meeting with photography services in Marketing & Communications to search the massive photo database, or hire an MU photographer for a special project.

University departments are typically granted photo usage free of charge for publications, websites, social media and signage that directly promote the university and that comply with MU’s policies and guidelines. In exchange, we request a credit line; all credits for re-published photos should include the name of the photographer and “Marketing & Communications.” We might ask to review the use of the photos before granting usage permission. Images may not be provided to third parties (internal or external) without explicit approval by Marketing & Communications.

External Requests

The Mizzou Creative office fields stock photo requests from many external sources, including national companies, freelance designers, local organizations and external publications. Depending on the type of usage, we may charge a cost-recovery fee. This practice helps compensate for staff time, equipment, software and labor required to stock and maintain our image database. Our fees are significantly lower than fees of professional stock photo agencies, but our criteria are similar.

  • Does the proposed use directly promote the university and/or advance university priorities? The fee is likely to be waived if usage directly benefits the university.
  • Is the requestor representing a nonprofit organization? The fee may be reduced for nonprofit purposes.
  • How many images are being requested? Fees increase proportionate to number of images.
  • Where and how many times will the image(s) be reproduced? Fees increase as number of uses increases.
  • How large will the image(s) run? Fees increase in proportion to size of image.
  • How much staff time is required to accommodate this request? Fees increase to cover staff time searching for images, converting images to desired format, etc.
  • Will the proposed use generate revenue for the requestor? The fee is not likely to be waived or reduced for advertisements, products, etc. (All uses must comply with the guidelines set by MU Licensing and Trademarks.)

Upon signing a licensing agreement, images will be provided in the requested size and format. Images may not be provided to third parties without explicit approval by Marketing & Communications.