University Signature & Alternates

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University of Missouri Signature

The university’s signature is a combination of the stacked MU logo and the official wordmark, which is the name “University of Missouri.” It must be used in print and electronic communications as well as promotional materials.

University of Missouri signature

University of Missouri signature vertical

  • DO NOT recreate any part of the signature, including the wordmark.
  • Contact to request artwork files. 

Mizzou Signature

LIMITED USE. In select circumstances the use of the “Mizzou” nickname is preferable to using “University of Missouri”. Usage is limited to Columbia campus divisions and must always be approved by

Alternative signatures

  • DO NOT use for academic or operational unit signatures.
  • DO NOT re-create any part of this signature, including the wordmark.
  • Use of Alternative Mizzou Signature ‘B,’ requires the words “University of Missouri” to be present elsewhere on the design/page/video/presentation.
  • Contact to request artwork files.

Color Variations

The full color logo should be used whenever possible. One color logo should be used only when necessary.

One color signature variations

Black or dark-colored background = white wordmark

Gold background = black wordmark

The stacked MU logo must always have a white outline when placed on a background other than white.

1-color imprint on merchandise items with colors other than white, black, gold or gray, please reference the color variations below. Blue and green are used as example item colors.

1 color signature variations

Clear Space & Minimum Size

Clear space mu signature

Maintain a clear space equal to 1/3 of the width of the stacked MU logo around the entire signature.

  • DO NOT put design elements, such as text or illustrations inside the clear space.
  • DO NOT put page trims and fold lines within the clear space.

Minimum MU signature sizing

Minimum width requirements:

Stacked MU = .1875″ wide
Horizontal signature = 1.6035″ (print) and 204 pixels (web)
Vertical signature = 1.3536″ (print) and 176 pixels (web)