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6.1 Social Media

The policies governing use of University of Missouri logos and icons, as well as other copyrighted materials, apply to social media as much as to other communications media. Just as in print and on university websites, university units may not use unique logos on social media accounts. Remember that a university unit’s social media page also represents the University of Missouri as a whole.


  • Units should use either the stacked MU logo or an appropriate photo as a profile picture.
  • The stacked MU logo may not be combined with any text when used as a profile picture on social media.
  • When selecting photos for use as profile or cover photos, make sure they are attractive, professional and appropriate.
  • Adding text on top of images (e.g. taglines or slogans) violates the university’s and federal guidelines for Web accessibility standards and must be avoided.
  • Use clear, high-quality images that work well within given dimensions. Avoid pixelated or blurry images or those that appear oddly cropped. For example, avoid use of strongly horizontal or vertical images as profile pictures, which are typically displayed as square icons.
  • The tiger head spirit mark may not be used as a profile picture.

Download a standardized version of the stacked MU logo formatted for use as a social media profile picture (AIT or EPS version). If you choose to create your own, be sure to avoid the examples of logo misuse shown in section 1.5.

Examples of social media avatars and banners