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5.6 Return Address Labels

The stacked MU logo may be used with a return address as long as the requirements regarding minimum size and clear space are upheld (see section 1.2).


  • Always use the original stacked MU logo artwork obtained from the Division of Marketing & Communications.
  • Whenever possible, an official MU typeface (either Janson or Gotham; see section 3.1) should be used for the return address. Use of italic type is discouraged.
  • University or unit signatures may be used as part of a return address, but the rest of the text must be kept separate. Always maintain appropriate clear space around a signature (see section 1.3).
  • Typeset text should not appear larger than the University of Missouri wordmark.
  • It is also acceptable to typeset the entire name and address block.
  • All text should appear to the right of the stacked MU logo. No lines of text should appear underneath the logo.
  • Follow U.S. Postal Service regulations when determining overall size and placement of a return address.

Need help or advice? Contact the Division of Marketing & Communications at

Example return address setups

Example return address setups