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5.3 Letterhead

University of Missouri letterhead is available in print and electronic form. It is part of a coordinated visual identity and should be used by all MU units focused on academics or research, including schools, colleges, offices, programs, institutes and centers. Student organizations may not use MU letterhead.


  • No additional logos (including social media icons) may be added to letterhead.
  • It is university policy that personalized letterhead will not be printed. The policy minimizes waste and prevents redundancy; letterhead is automatically personalized with the sender’s signature. Personalized memo pads may be ordered from MU Printing Services.
  • The preferred font for body copy is Janson, set in 10 or 11 point size. When Janson is unavailable, Palatino or Times New Roman are acceptable options.
  • Units may choose how much contact information to include. The minimum recommendation is to include a phone number, email address and website URL. Contact information is limited to seven lines.
  • Preprinted text is printed in black ink only.

Download a Microsoft Word® template (DOTX), containing the appropriate formatting requirements for MU letterhead.

University of Missouri Printing Services is the only authorized supplier of university stationery, including e-letterhead. Do not attempt to create e-letterhead yourself. A small fee is charged to create e-letterhead templates for departments. Visit to order.

MU Letterhead

MU Letterhead