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5.2 Business Cards

University of Missouri business cards are part of the Mizzou visual identity package. The design of the card indicates at a glance that the holder is affiliated with Mizzou.

  • Cards are available in single-sided and double- sided formats. The double-sided format is appropriate for faculty and staff members who serve dual roles on campus.
  • Cards are printed with text in black ink only.
  • The person’s title should indicate his or her relationship to the university.
  • The amount of contact information included is left up to the card holder. The minimum recommendation is to include a phone number, email address and website URL.
  • The use of personal pronouns are applicable on business cards. 
  • No additional logos (including social media icons) may be added to business cards.
University of Missouri Printing Services is the only authorized supplier of university stationery, including e-letterhead. Do not attempt to create e-letterhead yourself. A small fee is charged to create e-letterhead templates for departments. Visit to order.


Individual students employed by or otherwise associated with a campus unit in an official capacity may use official university business cards. A staff member from the sponsoring unit must place the order. Contact MU Printing Services at 573-882-7801 for more information.

MU Business Cards

MU Business Cards