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5.1 Stationery System Introduction

All stationery materials (letterhead, envelopes and business cards) must be preprinted on official paper approved for this purpose. Stationery materials may never be created using a nonapproved printer or recreated digitally, such as in a Microsoft Word® template.

The only exception to this rule is e-letterhead, which is available exclusively through MU Printing Services (see section 5.4 for more details).

University of Missouri Printing Services is the only authorized supplier of university stationery, including e-letterhead. Do not attempt to create e-letterhead yourself. A small fee is charged to create e-letterhead templates for departments. Visit to order.


MU student organizations are not permitted to use the University of Missouri stationery system.

Individual students employed by or otherwise associated with a campus unit in an official capacity may order official business cards (see section 5.2 for more details).

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