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4.2 Web Typefaces

Web Typefaces

When creating for the Web, designers should use the Web versions of the typefaces Janson (serif) and Proxima Nova (sans-serif). Proxima Nova was chosen as the Web-only alternative to Gotham because it can be self-hosted, which increases site performance and efficiency.

Please note that a Web version of Gotham is available and is acceptable to use in place of Proxima Nova, but the two should not be used together.


  • In general, when using the two main typefaces together on the Web, use Proxima Nova for body copy and Janson for display copy and other typographic accents. 
  • You don't have to use both font families. If you only use one, Proxima Nova is preferred because of its legibility. 
  • The suggested font size for body copy is at least 16 pixels.

Web typefaces

Purchase fonts

Unfortunately we are unable to provide fonts for download due to licensing requirements, but they are available for purchase at the following links.

Note on webfonts

Each font has its own terms of use depending on which version you buy and how you intend to use it. Be sure to read and understand the license before purchasing.

Note on Proxima Nova and Gotham

We consider only the regular width (not condensed, rounded or soft) family to be our official sans-serif typeface. You don't need to purchase all weights or styles. At minimum, you would need regular, italic, bold (or semibold) and bold italic (or semibold italic). Other weights and styles are acceptable in addition.