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4.1 Official MU Typefaces

The official MU typefaces are Janson (serif) and Gotham (sans-serif*). These typefaces were selected for their elegance, simplicity and breadth of use. Use of the official MU typefaces is strongly encouraged. Consistent, campuswide use of these typefaces strengthens the brand and promotes unity. Mizzou designers should use Janson and Gotham in all print communications (see section 4.2 for guidelines for typography on the Web).


In general, when using the two main typefaces together, use Janson for body copy and Gotham for subheads, blurbs, sidebars and other typographic accents. Gotham also is useful for type that appears in a color other than black.

  • Set large blocks of type no more than 1 1/2 lowercase alphabets wide. When using a reverse — putting light-colored type on a dark background — make sure the type is easily legible. Contrast sizes when using two styles.
  • Separate paragraphs with additional line spacing.
  • In general, use 9- or 10-point type for large areas of text. The suggested leading for setting the text in MU publications is three points above the type size (example: 9 on 12). When designing, try to use no more than three or four type sizes in the same document. To accommodate different levels of emphasis in the text or in headlines, use different weights or italics in the approved type families.

*Gotham replaced Univers as MU’s official sans-serif typeface in April 2015. Please discontinue all use of Univers.

Official typefaces

Purchase fonts

Unfortunately we are unable to provide fonts for download due to licensing requirements, but they are available for purchase at the following links.

Note on Gotham 

We'd recommend the Gotham Bundle for maximum flexibility, but the Gotham 1 package is the basic option that should cover you. We consider only the regular width to be our official sans-serif typeface. You don't need to purchase Gotham Narrow, Extra Narrow, Condensed or Rounded (although they aren't technically "wrong").