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3.2 Secondary Color Palette

Black and gold are an integral part of the university’s brand. Mizzou is black and gold. At the same time, marketing communications can be made more effective and compelling with an expanded palette of supporting colors.

Our secondary palette is designed to complement Mizzou black and gold and allow them to stand out, while providing flexibility in design layouts. Supporting colors should be used as accents. Tints of each may be used when necessary to extend the number of colors, for example, in charts, graphs and diagrams.

Keep the following guidelines in mind when using the secondary color palette:

  • All pieces should include black and gold as the predominate colors.
  • Our secondary colors provide variability, but please exercise restraint. Limit the number of secondary colors used in a single piece so they do not create an environment in which MU is not recognizable.
  • Be mindful of color combinations that represent other universities.

Note to designers and printers:
The recommended CMYK, RGB and HEX values for these colors vary from those recommended by Pantone®. Many software programs (including Adobe Creative Suite) use Pantone’s color specifications, so it is necessary to create these formulas within a document rather than relying upon the program’s built-in conversion from spot color to process color.

Secondary colors