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3.1 Official MU Colors

The official colors, black and MU Gold, can be printed or approximated in several ways, depending on the medium.

Color consistency is a very important aspect of maintaining Mizzou’s graphic identity. In many cases, colors reproduce differently on coated and uncoated papers. On uncoated paper, the Pantone® version of MU Gold (124) often looks muddy and orange, so PMS 7406 should be used as a substitute.

Please consult your print vendor and/or the Division of Marketing & Communications at for advice related to matching MU Gold on specific projects.

Metallic Gold

In certain instances when a more formal feel is preferred and budget allows, the use of metallic ink may be appropriate. Pantone® 10123C (a premium metallic) is preferred, but 871C is acceptable when 10123C is unavailable. When using metallic foils, the closest available match to MU Gold should be selected.

Athletics Color Palette

Mizzou Athletics uses an alternative version of gold (called Gold Dart), based on their unique needs for equipment and licensed apparel. Gold Dart may be used only in Athletics applications.

Note to designers and printers: 
The recommended CMYK, RGB and HEX values for MU Gold vary from those recommended by Pantone®. Many software programs (including Adobe Creative Suite) use Pantone’s color specifications, so it is necessary to create these formulas within a document rather than relying upon the program’s built-in conversion from spot color to process color. 

Mizzou's colors

Athletics' colors

MU Gold and Accessible Text Color Combinations

MU gold #F1B82D (or variations of gold) text on a white background - doesn’t pass color contrast for accessibility.

The inverse, white text on a MU gold background - doesn’t pass color contrast for accessibility.

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