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2.4 Tiger Head Do’s and Don’ts


  • Always request permission to use the tiger head spirit mark by contacting the Division of Marketing & Communications at
  • Give appropriate visual weight to the spirit mark in relation to the university logo and/or signature. It is a secondary graphic element and should not be the primary focus.
  • Make sure to use the correct version of the tiger head. The stand-alone tiger head (not encased in an oval) is the spirit mark and may be used by campus units as approved by Marketing & Communications. The tiger head within an oval is the Mizzou Athletics mark and may be used only in athletics communications.
  • Think about the audience when using the spirit mark. The tiger head makes sense for student-facing communications but not for those with a research focus, for example.
  • Contact the Office of Licensing & Trademarks at for permission to use the tiger head spirit mark on products for resale or giveaway.


  • Use the tiger head in place of the stacked MU logo (e.g. in a unit signature)
  • Use the athletics mark without express consent from Mizzou Athletics (it may be used only on athletics-related materials)
  • Use unlicensed vendors to reproduce the tiger head mark. Visit to see a full list of approved vendors.
  • Create any form of alternative stationery featuring the tiger head mark. Always use official MU stationery (see section 5).

Tiger head dos and don'ts