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2.2 The Tiger Head Spirit Mark

Tiger Head Spirit Mark

The tiger head is a familiar and recognizable icon with a large presence on the Mizzou campus and on apparel and other promotional items.

The stand-alone tiger head (not encased in an oval) is considered a secondary spirit mark that may be appropriate for communications in which academics, research, health care and extension are not the primary focus. It is different from the Mizzou Athletics logo (see section 2.3).

All MU academic units, research centers and other related Mizzou entities must use an official unit signature with the stacked MU logo.

The tiger head spirit mark may be used as a graphic/illustrative element — in the same manner as a photo or illustration — but not as a substitution for the stacked MU logo and/or university signature. The tiger head should play a supporting role, rather than being the dominant image.

The Division of Marketing & Communications must approve all use of the tiger head spirit mark.

Tiger head spirit mark