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1.4 Unit Signatures

All schools, colleges, offices, centers, institutes, programs and other units of the university with an academic, research or health care focus must use an approved unit signature as their logo. University units may not create new logos.

Unit signatures include:

  • Stacked MU logo
  • Official MU colors
  • The name of the unit set in Janson Text, appearing to the left of or centered below the logo
  • The words “University of Missouri” set in Janson Text below the name of the unit
  • When necessary, the name of the unit’s parent division, placed between the unit name and “University of Missouri”

Note: Units are encouraged to avoid using a division identifier unless absolutely necessary to avoid confusion.

Units may use the horizontal and vertical versions of their signatures interchangeably.

Unit signatures have a carefully defined relationship among the logo, the unit and division names, and the university wordmark. For this reason, do not attempt to re-create any part of a unit signature. To obtain a unit signature, contact the Division of Marketing & Communications at

The guidelines regarding color variations, clear space and minimum size of the MU signature also apply to unit signatures (see section 1.2).

Unit signature examples

A collection of unit signature examples.