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1.2 Stacked MU Logo

The stacked MU logo consists of the letters MU stacked within a stylized shield. Always use the original and approved art; never alter any aspect of it or attempt to redraw or recreate it.

The stacked MU logo may be used unaccompanied by a university wordmark in communications when the target audience would immediately recognize it as representing MU. When in doubt about the recognizability of the mark among the target audience, use the complete university signature.

The black-and-gold stacked MU should be used whenever possible. The 1-color version should be used only in materials printed using a single ink (black).

The stacked MU logo in color and black and white.

Three versions of the MU logo. One showing a white outline, one illustrating the clear space around it and one more that shows the minimum size.

Outlined Logo

An alternative version of the logo with a white outline around the shield is to be used when the logo appears on a background other than white. The white rule surrounding the stacked MU should be in proportion to the size of the logo and should never be smaller than 0.75 pt or 1 pixel.

Clear Space

To prevent crowding and preserve the integrity of the mark, a clear space equal to 1/3 of the width of the stacked MU must be maintained at all times. Other design elements, such as text or illustrations, should be placed outside the designated clear space. In addition, page trims and fold lines may not fall within the clear zone.

Minimum Size

The stacked MU logo should never appear smaller than 0.1875" wide when used in print materials or 24 pixels wide when used in digital formats.

To request original artwork files, contact the Division of Marketing & Communications at