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1.1 Logo Policy

An image showing the different pieces of the university signature: the stacked MU logo and the University of Missouri wordmark

There is only one institutional logo for the University of Missouri. We call it the stacked MU. No other logo can be substituted for it.

In accordance with Section 5:100 in the MU Business Policy and Procedure Manual, the stacked MU logo should be used with the University of Missouri’s name to identify all publications. When combined with the wordmark (together referred to as the university signature; see section 1.3) these elements present a sense of the university’s character, mission and reputation.

All schools, colleges, departments, offices, centers, institutes, programs and other units of the university must use a standardized combination of the stacked MU logo, wordmark and unit and/or division name (together referred to as a unit signature; see section 1.4) to represent themselves.

University units may not create their own logos.

Image showing the visual anatomy of a campus unit signature. Pieces shown include the stacked MU logo, unit signature (including unit and divisional name) and the university wordmark.

The stacked MU logo, the university signature and unit signatures may never be altered, redrawn or distorted in any way. The original artwork must always be used. The Division of Marketing & Communications is the only source for an official unit signature.

If you have questions about the appropriate use of the university’s logos and images in print or electronic media, please contact the Division of Marketing & Communications at

For information about the use of MU logos and images for products or by external groups, contact MU’s Office of Licensing & Trademarks at