Getting Started

The Mizzou Events calendar is hosted on and runs on the Localist platform. Localist is a social calendaring application. Any user with a campus-issued UserID can log in and create an account in the calendar. With an account you can:

  • Submit an Event (Only Trusted Users can bypass the approval process)
  • Function as a member or an officer of a Group/Department
  • Have a public or private profile
  • Manage a personal calendar of events and receive notifications
  • Connect your profile with Twitter/Facebook to share events to those networks
  • Connect to “friends” within the calendar for purposes of using the social features

To set up or login, go to Mizzou Events and go to the login page (located at the top in the gold bar). It will direct you to a Shibboleth page where you will provide your UserID and password. Once your login is successful, you should be directed back to the calendar.

Using the Dashboard, you can edit your profile or settings and manage your calendar, friends, places, reviews, groups and photos.

Privacy settings and notifications can be set under the Settings link after logging in.

Resource Accounts

It is possible to use resource accounts to manage a department’s events. However, users should be aware of some limitations when deciding whether to use a resource account or a personal account.

  • Only faculty and staff are granted Trusted User status. Resource accounts are not.
  • Only the holder of the account that created the event — and Calendar Administrators — can edit events.
  • If you use a resource account, multiple people may log in and add and edit events without Calendar Administrator status. This can be a viable solution if the person who normally enters events anticipates being out of the office when details are finalized on an event.
  • You lose the accountability of knowing who created or edited an event if you use a resource accounts.


While contains extensive information on the general properties of the Localist product, we encourage you to contact for questions specific to Mizzou Events and our campus use of the product. If we are unable to provide a satisfactory answer, we can assist you with further inquiry to the product vendor.