Bulk Uploading, Feeds, Widgets & API

Mizzou Events serves as a tool to help Tigers simplify event management on Mizzou websites. The use of bulk uploading, feeds, widgets and an application programming interface can help Web developers to streamline and customize the process.

Bulk Uploading

This option uses the Localist CSV format. Currently, Calendar Administrators are the only users given access to the bulk upload feature. Provide us with the CSV and we can get the entry uploaded for you. Contact mizzouevents@missouri.edu for the updated template. This will help ensure that any custom fields that have been added to Mizzou’s custom template exist in the version you are using.


Localist supports three feed importing formats:

  • iCalendar (not to be confused with Apple Calendar, although iCalendar is supported in Apple Calendar)
  • Localist CSV
  • RSS (hCalendar micro format)


Localist allows for fairly basic widget creation from its widget builder. These can be used on websites to output events for your department, thereby reducing the need to manage events in multiple places. For more robust control over the output of events, you will need to use the API.


For more information about using Localist’s read-only API, see Localist’s Documentation. Before implementation, please contact mizzouevents@missouri.edu to set up a consultation. For communication purposes, the Calendar Administrators keep a record of API users. This process helps support best practices and enables critical update-related information to be shared efficiently.