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Find Mizzou facts and background information by visiting appropriate websites and checking printed publications. Searches for topics such as academic units, people, news and history can be found in several locations.  

A to Z information about Mizzou

  • Explore the MU website
  • Search the MU A-Z Index alphabetically to find all MU sites registered with Web Communications.
  • Check MU Academics for links to academic units, including schools, colleges, divisions and departments.  
  • View About Mizzou for an overview of the university.
  • Get current data and statistics from MU Facts.


Buildings and their backgrounds  

  • Campus Map provides locations of MU buildings, roads and facilities, as well as mailing addresses, driving directions and parking information.
  • MU in Brick and Mortar lists campus buildings and tells their history. 
  • Experience Mizzou first hand with a virtual tour.

History of Mizzou  

  • MU Archives, through the MU Libraries, links to the past as the depository of the University of Missouri’s official papers, records and manuscripts.
  • An overview of MU history and traditions facilitates comparisons to our modern Mizzou.   
  • Experience Mizzou history through a virtual tour of the campus.
  • Digitized Savitar, the electronic collection of MU yearbooks, provides information on past students and activities. Older printed issues are on file at the Office of Publications and Alumni Communication.
  • MIZZOU, MU's alumni publication, offers historical information from issues dating back more than a century. Printed issues are on file at the Publications office.

News and events of Mizzou

Print issues of MIZZOU and Illumination are on file at the Publications office.

Academic unit news

Several schools, colleges and departments publish news online and in departmental newsletters. Examples:

News of Columbia and MU

People: Students, faculty and staff

  • MU Directory provides names of and contact information for students, faculty and staff. Search by student name for year of study and academic affiliation; search by faculty or staff name for job title and academic affiliation. 

University of Missouri System

MU is the flagship university of the four-campus UM System. Learn more at the UM System website.