Using COVID-19 Signage

Place signs appropriate to your space

  • Place distancing signs where individuals congregate or interact (e.g., workstations, reception desks, etc.)
  • Place moving furniture signs in spaces with lightweight or moveable tables and chairs
  • Place signs with short messages in busy thoroughfares
  • Place signs with longer messages where individuals pause or make decisions

Place signs to maximize visibility

  • At height matching average field of vision (45and 5 ft. distance)
  • Perpendicular to the flow of people
  • Parallel to entrances
  • Away from clutter
  • On freestanding whiteboard or sign holder
    Do not use freestanding whiteboard or sign holder in walkways or hallways narrower than 4’ to avoid creating tripping hazards or accessibility restrictions

Placing signs together

  • Post exit and arrow signs to create a defined path
  • Interrelated signs should be within eyesight of each other
  • Avoid placing unrelated signs  near each other