COVID-19 Photo and Video Guidelines

Production Recommendations

The MU community should practice Show Me Renewal safety precautions and reflect these protocols in our communications. The following recommendations address how to best approach video and photography during the COVID-19 pandemic to reinforce safe behaviors.

Photo and video selection

    • As always, consider your audience and your message when selecting videos and photography.
    • When posting new images on social media, newsletters and websites, be sure the images reflect safe behaviors, including subjects socially distanced 6 feet apart and wearing face coverings unless they are outside.
    • Add a note if photos and videos were created pre-COVID-19 safety protocols. Suggested text: “Any photos and videos that do not depict current safety practices were taken prior to COVID-19 public health orders and guidelines.”
    • In headshots, individuals can be shown without face coverings.

Filming videos and taking photographs

    • Whenever possible, shoot photos and videos outside.
    • If outside, subjects can be shown without face coverings if they are socially distanced.
    • In general, subjects should wear face coverings inside if more than one person is seen in the frame of the photograph or video, and the individuals should also be 6 feet apart.
    • If a subject is outside and they are comfortable with the situation, they can be photographed or filmed from a safe distance without a face covering.
    • If the subject is eating, a face covering is not required.
    • If the subject is giving a speech or lecture and is at least 10 feet from the audience, the speaker does not need to wear a face covering.
    • Crews filming and photographing indoors should stay at least 6 feet away from those around them, including other crew members, and must wear face coverings.
    • Photo and video crews should be limited to only essential roles to keep the crew number at a minimum.
    • Be sure to disinfect photo and video equipment after each shoot.
Examples of appropriate imagery
Photo of Mizzou student leaning against building with no other person within six feet. Photo of Mizzou Mascot Truman the Tiger wearing a face mask with two students also wearing face masks.
Outside, socially distanced without face coverings Outside, no other subjects within 6 feet Face coverings are required indoors


For additional guidance, please email