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Calendar Policy

Content on Mizzou Events is held to the same standards as other online content. Review our policies and guidelines regarding legal and liability-related issues. 

Internet policies address:

  • acceptable use
  • accessibility
  • copyright
  • privacy
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • plagiarism
  • reuse of materials
  • defamation and libel
  • harassment

Trusted Users

Anyone with a UserID can access the calendar and add events. However, those events must be approved by a Calendar Administrator before they appear on the calendar. Anyone with "Trusted User" status will be able to bypass the approval process and post events directly to the live calendar. MU faculty and staff (but not students) are eligible to obtain Trusted User status. Resource accounts will not be considered for Trusted User status.

We require each trusted user to complete training and sign a usage agreement, which will be kept on file by Web Communications. A copy also will be sent to the Trusted User’s supervisor. Faculty and staff members who sign this document agree to the following:

  • Trusted User agrees not to give out his or her personal UserID and password for the purpose of adding events
  • Trusted User agrees to post only official university events for their own area(s) of responsibility
  • Trusted User has read and agrees to follow all guidelines and policies as dictated by Mizzou Identity Standards
  • Trusted User access will be revoked if the user posts personal events, commits branding infractions (such as uploading unapproved logos), repeatedly fails to copy edit events, misuses event types or filters, shares his or her password or otherwise breaks university policy.


Training will be offered on an as-needed basis. Please contact to inquire.