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Outside Vendors, Consultants & Freelancers

All external consultants, outside vendors and freelancers who may be engaged to build or manage official University of Missouri websites or social media accounts must obtain approval from Marketing & Communications.

The University of Missouri intends to ensure that all university websites and social media accounts meet branding, style, ADA, security and usability requirements. The university does not prohibit MU units from hiring consultants and freelancers. Instead, we’ve established a process that protects all parties involved and ensures that requirements are met before university funds are spent.

Web Communications, working in partnership with Procurement and MU Business Services, will make MU’s requirements available to all vendors who wish to perform these types of services. Vendors who enter into a contracted agreement should be fully prepared to complete high-quality work that meets all standards and requirements prior to receiving compensation. This helps avoid instances in which a department pays a vendor for work, only to find its new site is not compliant. In the past, Web Communications has frequently “inherited” these sites and has been called upon to rebuild, re-brand or repair poorly constructed, insecure or inappropriately branded sites.

All campus entities who wish to use an outside vendor will need to obtain approval before signing a contract or having a vendor complete work. An approval from the director of MU Web Communications is required in order for payment to be rendered using university funds.

See the chancellor's letter regarding website consistency.

Fore more information, contact Lori Croy, director of Web Communications, at 573-884-8075.