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MU Logo

The institutional logo of the University of Missouri in Columbia is to be used as the logo of all schools, colleges, departments, offices, programs and other units of the university. It should be used in its original form in all external communications. It is part of the design of the official university stationery. No other logo can be substituted for it or used with it.

Basic graphic elements reinforce MU’s visual identity. When used consistently and cohesively, MU’s official logo, colors and typefaces help establish and maintain a distinctive university brand in print and electronic communications.

The University of Missouri has one official logo. It consists of:

  • The letters MU stacked within a stylized shield
  • The name typeset in Janson Text
  • Specific colors

Together these elements present a strong, balanced visual identity to internal and external audiences.

Use the MU logo consistently and proudly.

Gold version

Color version

PMS: 124
CMYK: 25M/90Y/5K
RGB: 241,184,45
HEX: #F1B82D

Black version

Black version

CMYK (rich black): 60C/50M/40Y/100K
RGB: 0,0,0
HEX: #000000

With stroke

Logo on a dark background

When placing the logo on a dark background, use a thin, white rule on the outside of the logo to define its edge.

Clear space

Clear space

Leave space around the logo equal to 1/3 the height of the logo for maximum legibility.

Examples of incorrect use

See examples of incorrect logo use.


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