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Logos & Design

MU logo

We know Mizzou when we see it.

We know the historic Columns on Francis Quadrangle. We know the friendly face of Truman the Tiger. We know the symbols and the colors that shout "Mizzou" as loudly as a stadium cheer of "M-I-Z!"

The University of Missouri's graphic identity is designed to convey a sense of the university's mission, character and style. It represents the traditions and values of Missouri's flagship university.

When used consistently and cohesively, MU’s official logo, colors, typefaces, photos, letterhead and other graphic elements reinforce a distinctive university image and depict a strong, unified institution — one Mizzou.

MU Marketing & Communications receives frequent requests to design logos for individual programs. We say no, graciously. We want individual programs to benefit from the power and recognition of the MU brand, and we want MU to benefit from the reputation of its outstanding programs. This approach puts the focus on the needs of the customers, which is essential to successful marketing.

If you have questions about the appropriate use of Mizzou logos and images in print or electronic media, please contact Publications or Web Communications.

For information about the use of MU logos and images for commercial purposes, contact MU Licensing and Trademarks